GK Glove Program

Take Advantage of HUGE savings with the J4K Soccer Club Glove Program.

J4K has one of the leading Goalkeeper Gloves Globally and the reason for our success is because all our Goalkeeping gloves are not only designed by current and ex professional Goalkeepers, but because we are still Goalkeepers ourselves.

Let us explain in a bit more detail.

As crazy as this sounds, even though we have a very successful Goalkeeper gloves, we do not see ourselves as a glove brand that needs to make huge profits. We are simply Goalkeeping coaches, with an unbelievable product, who just want to help fellow Goalkeepers around the world.

And this is the reason why are Glove sell in over 30 countries, because Goalkeepers globally can see that J4K is not only providing them with a high end top quality product, but helping them save a small fortune because of the very fair prices that we charge!

So J4K has now brought out Goalkeeper glove program for soccer clubs to help them save money.

Now we are not going to go into any sales speech, as we feel our product speaks for itself but what we can comfortably say is your soccer club will not get a better glove deal anywhere else on the planet.

If you’re interested to find out more, please drop us an email via the contact us link and simply state you want more information on the Soccer Club Glove Program.

Your club and especially your goalkeepers will be more than happy with the product, the price and the service.

Also please click the link below to see our current Goalkeeper glove range.


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