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Why are Soccer Clubs turning to ClubGK ?

Having NO Control of the Goalkeeper Program  –(Click to go straight to this point)
Soccer Clubs Losing their Goalkeepers(Click to go straight to this point)
Goalkeeper Coaches stealing Club  –(Goalkeepers Click to go straight to this point)

J4K has been developing Goalkeepers and Goalkeeper coaches in 22 countries and across 5 continents since 1999, so it’s safe to say we know what we are talking about. Since launching J4K in the USA we have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback that we have received from Goalkeepers, Goalkeeper coaches and in particular hundreds of soccer clubs.

However what has stuck out in our minds is the amount of soccer clubs that have stressed their frustration of their club Goalkeeping program not having any type of consistency.

There are many reasons why soccer clubs feel they have no control over their Goalkeeping program, which we will not go into great detail here, but in brief, it is either because having a part-time Goalkeeper coach who cannot develop a fully functional Goalkeeping program (because their normal 9-to-5 day job get in the way) or losing their Goalkeeper coach who moves onto pastures new.

However what seems to be the main frustration for soccer clubs is when a Goalkeeper coach comes in and puts in a fantastic Goalkeeper coaching program, then leaves for whatever reason, then the new Goalkeeping coach comes in and wants to bring in their own system. So this means the whole club has to start again, which is obviously no good for the club, the club coaches and especially the club goalkeepers who 1000% will be affected by this change.

So this is where J4K can help YOUR soccer club gain more control over their goalkeeping program!

Just imagine having a Goalkeeping program/system, help and advice that the whole club follows, the coaches, the goalkeeper coach, and more importantly the club goalkeepers. So its a WHOLE club thing. So really it does not matter how many Goalkeeping coaches, come and go through your club over the years, the whole club and club goalkeepers are not affected because everybody is following the same system. 

And a massive advantage of the J4K club Goalkeeper program is, your club goalkeepers do not have to wait until their club GK training nights to learn and develop as they get to see the clubs Goalkeeper program 24/7 through our interactive website.

We found on average that goalkeepers spend at least 15 hours per week on clubgk, so this continued goalkeeping education can only benefit your goalkeepers and club.

This is taking the club goalkeeper coaching program into the 22nd century.

We want to stress that we’re not trying to take over your Goalkeeper coach, but rather help him/her by giving them access to the largest network of Goalkeeping coaches on the planet and all our interantional contats, so this can only help your Goalkeeper coach which in turn will help your club.

Important, limited places.

Because J4K wants to offer your club, club Goalkeeper coach and club Goalkeepers an unrivaled goalkeeping service, we are only offering just 20 soccer clubs in your state this Goalkeeping system.

And this is not sales talk when we state this, but a lot of places have already gone.

Once all these places have gone, that is it, there are NO MORE places available… they will be gone forever. Or until a soccer club decides to leave and creates an opening. However we believe once a soccer club sees the value of what clubgk can do for their club, club Goalkeeper coaches and club Goalkeepers, it would be very rare for the soccer club to drop out, especially after the monthly payment is on $47 per month.

In J4K as we are still Goalkeepers ourselves we feel we can speak for your Goalkeepers when we state, they would appreciate being able to plug into the largest Goalkeeping network on the planet because after all, it is only going to help them develop, which will help your club as they will perform better!

So if you want to take advantage of ClubGK, please click the button below.

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Soccer Clubs Losing their Goalkeepers

Goalkeeper and their parents are now getting educated.

Thanks to the Internet Goalkeepers and their parents are now getting educated for all their Goalkeeping needs and the days have now long gone when Goalkeepers and their parent were happy with just one or two Goalkeeper training sessions per week, then a game.

In brief, most Goalkeepers just want opportunities to either become a professional Goalkeeper, or in most cases use their Goalkeeping to get a college scholarship.

In short, goalkeepers now want opportunities to progress their goalkeeping into their adult hood and if you cannot provide this for your goalkeepers, your club will 100% lose your goalkeepers to rival soccer clubs that can offer these opportunities.

If you do not believe me, just do this very quick test below and put yourself in the position of Goalkeeper and or a parent of a Goalkeeper .

Would you rather play for?

A  soccer club that just trains once or twice per week and plays their soccer games but there is no real opportunities for you to progress your Goalkeeping as a career.

Or would you rather play for a soccer club where they not only train and play like most soccer clubs, but more importantly they offer opportunities for you to get to college or even play professional soccer around the world?

If you are honest with your answer, I think we all know the obvious answer to the above!

We do not mean to sound arrogant here, as we are trying to speak to you coach to coach but if your soccer club is not offering opportunities for your Goalkeepers and other soccer clubs in your state are, we will tell you right now that you will lose your Goalkeepers to these rival clubs.

So this is where Just4keepers and Clubgk can help your soccer club by not only plugging your club into our national contacts throughout the USA but also area international contacts around the world.

We have coached over 50,000 Goalkeepers globally over the past 15+ years and we can wholeheartedly state (because we know how these guys think), that if you were trying to persuade a Goalkeeper to join your club and this Goalkeeper knew your club was attached to J4K and our national and global contacts and the opportunities that we can offer, you would have a much much MUCH better chance of getting this Goalkeepers signature.

We also do not care how successful your soccer club is in your state because a Goalkeeper and their parent would now rather sign for a soccer club that can offer them opportunities rather than trophies if this makes sense.

So please give ClubGK the opportunity to help you club, goalkeeper coaches, club coaches and more importantly, goalkeepers!

Goalkeeper Coaches stealing Club

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